Sign LV100

Infinity of water, stone, sky, earth, and love along with the number 100 is entwined in the visual identity of Latvia’s Centenary. The use of this sign affirms the user’s fellowship with the celebration of the Centenary.

The letter font „Cīrulis” is adopted from the works by Ansis Cīrulis, Latvian designer who lived and worked a century ago. He was one of the most important Latvian artists of his time, strengthening with his particular artistic style the idea of national identity during his lifetime and inspiring several generations in the next decades.
This sign can mark the products made and designed in Latvia, and it can be a luxurious adornment for all those who represent Latvia to the entire world – officials, musicians, sportsmen, and anyone who faithfully carries out the events of the Centenary’s celebration, respect the copyright and avoid any use of the sign for commercial goals without special agreement.

Please contact Latvija 100 Office for further Guidelines.




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