Latvia invites marking independence restoration around white-clad table



On May 4, Latvia's Independence Restoration Day, Latvians across the world are invited to participate in the White Tablecloth Celebration to commemorate what was a new beginning for Latvia in 1990 as the country adopted a declaration to restore its independence from the Soviet Union.


The celebration is an initiative of the Latvian Centenary Bureau, a body set up by the Ministry of Culture to coordinate the celebration of Latvia's founding centenary in 2018.

The idea behind the White Tablecloth Celebration thus: family, friends and neighbors get together around a table, share a light jointly prepared meal, and use the chance to discuss the future plans of their courtyard, neighborhood, city, region and country.



On May 4, everyone is invited to gather around a table clad in white, and share photos and videos on social media with the hashtag #mans4maijs or #BaltaisGaldauts.


White Tablecloth Celebration 2016



Source: brodcasting of Latvia




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