3 FREE - Contemporary Art project of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

3 FREE - Contemporary Art project of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia — Latvia 100

Place KCCC Exhibition hall (Didžioji Vandens street 2, Klaipeda, Lithuania)

3 FREE - Contemporary Art project of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia — Latvia 100

Datums:18.05.2018 — 24.06.2018

3 FREE is a Contemporary Art project of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, dedicated to the commemoration of 100th anniversary of the restoration of three Baltic states. The International Museum Night Events, which will be held tradicionally on 18th and 19th of May, will include the project 3 FREE performed by the artists from three Baltic countries.

This project is a conversation about scheme and hierarchy of FREEDOM presented by the participants of outdoor art: artists, curators and organizers, journalists and reviewers, art historians and art critics, art fans, observers and evaluators.

The project 3 FREE is a discussion about the layers of FREEDOM and their relevance to us personally, to people around us and to those with whom we are trying to establish relationships. This is a conversation about the value and evaluation of different aspects of FREEDOM, assessing that by time perspective parameters.

The project, which reveals artist’s attitude, statements and personal experiences of freedom, is implemented by the Klaipeda Culture Communication Center (KCCC). It is a creative synthesis of artists from three countries: Lithuanians are organizing the project, Latvians are designing the project’s exposition and Estonians are presenting exhibitions and authors. The curators of the project “3 FREE” are Ignas Kazakevičius (LT), Liena Bondare (LV) and Al Paldrok (EE).

In the main project exhibition each Baltic country will be represented by three authors, and one individual solo show. Personal exhibitions will be presented by Lithuanian graphic artist Jūrate Rekevičiūte, Latvian artist Viktorija (Vika) Eksta and Estonian artist Al Paldrok who is also well known as Anonymos Boh.

Lithuanian artist Jūrate Rekevičiūte’s solo show “Freedom: Image, Word, Dress” is a visual expression of freedom which “frames” everything; images, words, thoughts, events and experience. The exhibition will also display the original clothing of “Freedom”.

Latvian artist Viktorija Eksta seems to have distanced herself from “herself,” found a remote abandoned farmhouse where she settled down during her artistic research project and relived the life situations of the previous house owner: dressed up in her clothes, slept in her bed, cooked food according to former menu, and used only the objects found in that environment. This transformation has become a photographic, artistic reconstruction cycle “God. Nature. Work.” The artist for the first time during 3 FREE project will exhibit her new cycle of works “Devil’s lake.”

Estonian artist Al Paldrok’s solo show “10 Commandments” is an ironic monument, politically and socially uplifted to the sacred level of manifestation theses and claims, full of life spices and experience of nomadic artist, a kaleidoscope of creative freedom.

The representitives of group exhibition of 3 FREE project are: Non Grata (EE), Peter Allik (EE), Zygimantas Augustinas (LT), Ivars Drulle (LV), Kristaps Epners (LV), Kristina Inciuraite (LT), Severija Incirauskaite – Kriauneviciene (LT), Leonhard Lapin (EE), Vilnis Putrāms & Vladimir Jakushonok (LV), Taje Tross (EE).

Exhibition design: Vilnis Putrāms (LV).

Support: VKKF, KKKC, Nordisk Kulturfond, Pärnumaa Kultuurkapital, performance group Non Grata.

Short Programm:

Friday, May 18 / 6 PM: Opening of the project 3 FrREE at KCCC Exhibition Hall

Saturday, May 19: Tours during International Museum Night with the curators and artists of the exhibitions as well as performances by Estonian and Finnish artists – Non Grata group, the educational program and night live concert will take place.

For information regarding event accessibility for people with disabilities contact the event organiser.




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