Alfa Romeo owners’ club of Latvia event “AROMS”

Alfa Romeo owners’ club of Latvia event “AROMS” — Latvia 100

Place Cēsis

Alfa Romeo owners’ club of Latvia event “AROMS” — Latvia 100

Datums:10.08.2018 — 12.08.2018

Latvijas Alfa Romeo īpašnieku klubs (Alfa Romeo owners’ club of Latvia) was established in 2003 and thus this year celebrates its 15th anniversary. Alfa Romeo car drivers gather for an event called “AROMS” (Alfa Romeo Owners' Meeting Summer) every summer in the first half of August.

It is a car tourism event that includes different kinds of entertainment and educational tasks, or example:
• Orienteering with a map, both – in a car and on foot – and both – within and outside of cities;
• Photo-orienteering, both – in a car and on foot – and both – within and outside of cities;
• Classic rally elements such as “regularity” driving, driving by the pacenotes and average speed driving;
• Trips on interesting or picturesque roads;
• Quests (searching tasks and puzzles). Every year at least one task of the event is held in a currently notable or historically important venue. For example, during the previous three events certain tasks were organized in Uldevena wooden castle in Lielvārde, Ikšķile castle ruins, Likteņdārzs and “Braki”;
• Sports and get-to-know-each-other games.

Precise tasks are not disclosed before the event, and the participants find them out as the event proceeds.

This year a significant part of the event is planned in and around Cēsis. It is planned that during the event the participants will get to know history and symbols of Latvia related to Cēsis. For example, Cēsis as the birthplace of the flag of Latvia and the keeping place of the oldest known flag of Latvia; Cēsis and its surroundings as the place of War of Independence (Brīvības cīņas) and the place of the forming of the first national army unit; Cēsis as a significant city of the National Awakening (Atmoda), including the fact that the Baltic Way (Baltijas ceļš) led through the city; and Andrejs Pumpurs wrote the epos “Lāčplēsis” in Cēsis.

Alfa Romeo drivers are socially active people of different ages. Every Alfa Romeo driver is invited to participate in the event (it is required that one drives an Alfa Romeo during the event). The majority of the participants are from Latvia; however, usually there are also teams from Lithuania and Estonia.

The tasks included in the event are always organized in a way that does not encourage the violations of the highway code.

For information regarding event accessibility for people with disabilities contact the event organiser.




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