Exhibition ES (ARĪ) ESMU LATVIETIS / I AM LATVIAN (TOO) — Latvia 100

Place Daugavpils Local History and Art Museum, Daugavpils

Exhibition ES (ARĪ) ESMU LATVIETIS / I AM LATVIAN (TOO) — Latvia 100

Datums:01.09.2018 — 31.12.2018

Using creative methods, the exhibit will show the contribution of Latvian diaspora to the maintenance of Latvian identity and to the idea of a Latvian state. It will show the experiences of diaspora Latvians as part of the entire Latvian centennial story, emphasizing how an individual can carry Latvia within oneself, even while living outside Latvia.

Latvia's existence is closely associated with people, for whom Latvian values and exist¬ence is vitally important. Even though most Latvians live in their homeland, Latvians have lived abroad for various reasons - searching for political, religious or personal safety, for education, a better life, adventure or professional advancement.

What does it mean to be Latvian outside Latvia? How do national identity and sense of belonging evolve and change, when one lives outside the daily context of one's homeland? Why do people choose to maintain their connection to Latvia and Latvian culture? These are questions that need to be included in the totality of events celebrating Latvia's centennial and the answers to which will be included in the exhibit, using creative, interactive approaches, that engage visitors, thus broadening the knowledge and understanding of various groups in society about the many-faceted relationships between the people and the state of Latvia.

Created and done by: LaPa

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