Exhibition "Finnish Jaegers in Latvia"

Exhibition "Finnish Jaegers in Latvia" — Latvia 100

Place Jaeger Museum of Finland, Kauhava, Finland

Exhibition "Finnish Jaegers in Latvia" — Latvia 100

Datums:08.06.2018 — 28.09.2018

The exhibition provides an introduction to the Finnish Jaegers, a military unit founded during World War I.

What did they do in Latvia? What are the similarities and differences between founding of the Finnish and Latvian nations? And which Jaeger traditions are still observed today? The Finnish Jaegers were a unit of volunteers who had left Finland and trained as elite light infantry in Germany. The unit participated in the WWI battles on the eastern front in Latvia during 1916 - 1917.

*Additional venues:

2 - 30 May - National Library of Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia

8 June - 28 September - Jaeger Museum of Finland, Kauhava, Finland

November - Helsinki City Hall, Helsinki, Finland

Created and done by: The National Archives of Latvia/The National Archives of Finaland/The Association of the Preservation of the Traditions of the 27th Finnish Jaeger Battalion/The Jaeger Museum of Finland/ The Finnish Embassy in Riga/ The Holy Trinity Cathedral in Liepāja

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