Exposition “Audible Universe”

Exposition “Audible Universe” — Latvia 100

Place Riga

Exposition “Audible Universe” — Latvia 100

Datums:18.09.2017 — 21.09.2017

While trying to discover the most unusual edges and connections during the short history of Latvian independence, we are looking at collaborations between art and science. This project intends to create a series of unique expositions dedicated to different fields of Latvian science and interpreting them from point of art.

The first RIXC exposition “Audible Universe” will be created in the context of astronomy, due to the European Planetary Science Congress (http://www.epsc2017.eu), that will take place in Riga from September 17 to 22.

In this exhibition, we are especially looking at radioastronomy – is it possible to listen to the Universe? Scientists, as well as artists are actually doing it. In 2001,  RIXC organized a symposium: “Laboratory of Acoustic Space”, to describe experiments with sound and to look for interconnections between the Universe and the then, new, electronic space in the internet. The connections were possible, thanks to the instruments of radioastronomy, the communication satellites, and the techniques of amateur radio operators.

RT-32 (2000) is a multimedia research project about Irbenes' radio telescopes and sound-art experiments during the “Acoustic Space laboratory” Symposium in 2001. Although the DVD was released in 2002, there were a lot of materials that weren't included. We will add new pieces, that are important from todays' point-of-view. The work will be shown in a mobile form, that are specially created for demonstrating video art works.

Sound art works and audiovisual data interpretations created by artists Rasas Šmite and Raitis Šmits follows evolution of Latvian radio astronomy from restoration of Latvian independency and RT 32 to Latvian first satellite – Venta 1, revealing myths and facts about Skrunda signal.

Audiovisual art research “RT-32” about history of Irbene radiotelescope, departure of USSA army, conversion of the antenna and first scientific observations will be shown in specially made mobile objects.  RIXC also will demonstrate video interviews with scientists as well as data interpretations from first Latvian sattelite “Venta-1”.

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