Invisible Effects - A Dance Performance

Invisible Effects - A Dance Performance — Latvia 100

Place Latvian National Opera

Invisible Effects - A Dance Performance — Latvia 100


Choreographer Kirils Burovs has created a dance performance in two parts in collaboration with dancers from Latvia and the UK. The first part is about a woman in the midst of a mid-life crisis (Little Red Riding Hood/Sarkangalvīte), and the second is about a diver demonstrating an unsettling world record (The Goal/Mērķis).

Participating: choreographer Kirils Burovs, dancers from Latvia and the UK, and the Larvian music enamble.

The Baltic Art From is an international cross-cultural art festival uniting artists from the Baltic Region and the UK. The festival aims to help artists from different disciplines and cultures to collaborate, create new art forms and new opportunities, grow, learn and play. The festival aims to demonstrate not only a ready product, but to offer a platform for artists to meet and create something new, and to the audience to witness the birth of new projects. Highly innovative and cutting-edge, surprising, intellectual, fresh, modern and mixing the unmixable.

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24 - 28 June - Print Room at the Coronet, London, UK

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