Latvia's name around the world

Latvia's name around the world — Latvia 100

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Latvia's name around the world — Latvia 100

Datums:01.04.2017 — 01.05.2017

We are two travelers - Laine and Arturs. And now we have lived trough our crazy idea of world travelling by hitchhiking. We started our adventure on the 1st of October, 2015, by going from Stockholm to New York. And we returned this March, 2017 from India. Overall, we traveled nearly one and a half year, we visited 64 countries in five continents.
During this journey we saw a lot and we have gained an unforgettable experience. We got to know different cultures and its very important to mention that we have brought Latvia's name in the whole wide world.

At first, even we wondered why so few know about Latvia, but it motivated us even more to talk about our country, show it through pictures and films, and to look for additional information and foreign sources, in which really surprising facts about Latvia can be found.

This trip is our greatest achievement, which we shared throughout that one and a half year, documenting it in the diary and in the pictures and videos that were reflected in the Internet sites and on Internet television. And after returning we continue to share our experience - both in the media and storytelling evenings.
And its important that we not only learnt about the others, but we were able to introduce them to Latvia now and before the trip as well. And that is why we welcome foreign visitors every year- those who finally want to experience Latvian diverse culture, rich traditions and unusual cuisine for themselves.
In this journey we noticed how many faces Latvia has in the world.

For Georgians and Armenians Latvians are skilled builders, in Spain and Morocco Latvians are the best sledge racers and in India Latvians are the most open guest greeters, but we were unknown the rest, a small country with that strange number of ihabitants :)

The further we got, the more we realized that people all over the world are so different and similar at the same time. How rich all ancestral heritage is and how important is to share and learn from each other. We were the ones who introduced others with Latvian culture and history. With the diversity of nature and ancestral traditions.
And we have now concluded our trip and returned in Latvia. We are in the process of writing the book, but at the same time we continue to share our experience and advices.
And in the framework of this project, we are ready to show how beautiful is our land, by comparing it with so many that we have visited. We are able to show our most interesting rituals, along with other culture and values.
And we are proud that we are Latvians. That we are raised as we are and show it to the world.
We are organizing storytelling evenings, which, in the case of project approval, will be devoted to the centenary of Latvia. We are able to create really interesting video stories about Latvian image abroad from the people, which we have introduced to our country, and from those that have already visited Latvia. This project is based on the Latvian image in the world. Latvian cultural awareness and promotion of nationality.

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Created and done by: Laine Pērse un Arturs Driņins

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