Liepāja: Latvia's Capital - A Play

Liepāja: Latvia's Capital - A Play — Latvia 100

Place Liepaja Theatre, Liepāja

Liepāja: Latvia's Capital - A Play — Latvia 100

Datums:08.09.2018 — 16.06.2019

This performance is dedicated to a vital period in the formation of the Latvian state - the historical events of 1919 on the steamship Saratov, where the Latvian Provisional National Council took refuge for six long months.

The material for this play has been taken from twelve short stories (excerpts from periodicals) about life in Liepāja between 7 January - 7 July of 1919, when Liepāja was considered to the capital of Latvia because it was the only bit of Latvia controlled by the Latvian government. These were difficult and dangerous times for the people of Liepāja, but nevertheless, they had to continue with their lives.

Director - Valters Sīlis, playwright - Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce


Created and done by: Liepaja Theatre

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