PUBLIC MIRRORS Poster Exposition - 2017

PUBLIC MIRRORS Poster Exposition - 2017 — Latvia 100

Place Riga

PUBLIC MIRRORS Poster Exposition - 2017 — Latvia 100

Datums:18.11.2017 — 01.04.2018

At the beginning of 2017, the shopping centre “Origo” begun a series of exhibitions devoted to the centenary of Latvia, continuing this exhibition cycle, the first large-scale exhibition is revealed  “PUBLIC MIRRORS. Poster Exposition – 2017”, devoted to the posters in Latvia – the beginnings, history, the most outstanding artists and modern-day work.

Exposition concept author and Art expert Ramona Umblija: “The language of a poster and placard is explicit. The text fights with the image, scale is inadequate, poses are pretentious, and situations are absurd. Poster addresses a specific person. It is a direct speech. The ambitious pose of a poster, however, makes many notice it.

Poster is a wonderful reflection of history and epoch. Starting with touching and naive pictures by jokers up to scenes from daily life and political theatre. Poster reached Riga via culture. The path of poster in Riga started with placards of foreign musicians and comedians, and posters of art exhibitions and concerts. In the beginning of the 20th century, when the horse tramway was replaced with electrical tram, production and business flourished and bright advertising posters flooded the streets. The multi-party political environment provided election posters. The one-party system of the Soviet Latvia, however, made the poster to be the tribune of propaganda. The “overman” and “father of all nations” Stalin dictated texts and aesthetics.”

Created and done by: Shopping centre “Origo”

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