The Ring of Kurzeme in Liepāja

The Ring of Kurzeme in Liepāja — Latvia 100

Place: Concert Hall "The Great Amber", Radio str. 8, Liepāja

The Ring of Kurzeme in Liepāja — Latvia 100


In the focus of the cycle "The Ring of Latvia" there will be values and uniqueness of four regions of Latvia - Latgale, Kurzeme, Vidzeme, and Zemgale. Through this cycle, Latvian musicians and artists are going to show their country and the way how Latvian people have developed their culture since ancient days till now, and how they return to their roots in the 21st century. These stories will be told and showed within two years till the Centenary.

"The Ring of Kurzeme" is the second part of the cycle. It will be performed in each of the four Latvian regions starting with Kurzeme.

Participants: Latvian Radio Choir, State Academic Choir "Latvija", Liepāja Symphony Orchestra, ethno musicians, folk groups, soloists

Conductor - Māris Sirmais, director and designer - Reinis Suhanovs

Created and done by: Latvijas Koncerti




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