The series of articles “What Latvian museums remember”

The series of articles “What Latvian museums remember” — Latvia 100

Place Latvia

The series of articles “What Latvian museums remember” — Latvia 100

Datums:01.06.2018 — 30.11.2018

It is no secret that a large part of society think of memorial museums as something senile, didactic or even boring, but these museums show the lives and the creative process of persons important to Latvian cultural history in a contemporary setting, as well as illustrate the progress of Latvian literary and cultural history through the point of view of a particular historical figure and the space of their life and thoughts.

The authors of the article series - cultural researcher Ieva Viese-Vigula and poet Arvis Viguls will explore the message, significance and the memories of memorial museums with the intent to encourage readers and enthusiasts to take notice of both the nature of the museums and the persons that the museums are dedicated to.

Listening to stories from the museum staff who are involved with the protection and popularising of nationally significant events and culturally historical values, viewing the museum exhibits from the perspective of a cultural researcher, not merely a museum visitor, and searching for the answer to a seemingly clear question - why do these museums exist at all, the authors will touch upon the life stories and legends concerning notable Latvian individuals, examine the importance of culturally noteworthy personages during the formation process of a nation and a country, and, furthermore, the meaning of these persons nowadays.

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