White Tablecloth Celebration

White Tablecloth Celebration — Latvia 100

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White Tablecloth Celebration — Latvia 100


On 4 May 1990, the Supreme Council of the Latvian SSR ratified the Declaration On the Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia and renewed the Latvian Constitution that had originally been adopted at the Latvian Constitutional Assembly on 15 February 1922.

The Latvian Ministry of Culture Office Latvia 100 invites one and all to celebrate White Tablecloth Day in honour of the restoration of Latvian independence – one of the most significant milestones in Latvia’s one hundred year history.

The goal of White Tablecloth Celebration is to strengthen the tradition of gathering family, friends, neighbours, and communities around the table on 4 May to consciously celebrate our country and honour those who helped to create and protect it. We generate the feeling of celebration together on White Tablecloth Day as each person brings something to add to the table and to the conversation. White Tablecloth Day is a reminder that the restoration of the independence of the Republic of Latvia was the result of relentless action, courage and audacity of certain individuals.

Thus, in joint celebration, we launch the Month of Liberty, when we call on all residents of Latvia to bring the value of their own and our country’s Liberty to fore, bringing the feeling of celebration into every town and city and every home. We also invite you to take the opportunity to visit one of the many activities that will be taking place during the Month of Liberty. (For more information go to information  lv100.lv/en/programme/calendar/liberty-month/).

One great Liberty is ours – for all of Latvia, blessed and white. All of us, the people of this land, carry responsibility for it.  And a part of it belongs to each of us – a personal piece of one’s own. And each person is responsible for that bit themselves, to make sure it isn’t lost in the wind.

Must we be coerced into taking on responsibility for our Liberty? No! It is a pleasant duty, and in discharging it you feel you have gained something. Just as a garden gives joy and provides sustenance because you have tended it, watered it, and protected it from pests. As we have done, so we shall continue.

For Liberty protects us and we protect our Liberty. 

When organising your White Tablecloth Day celebration, considering the following recommendations:

  • celebrate in honour of Latvia around a common table together with your family, neighbours, friends from near and far, colleagues, and new acquaintances in the yard, a community centre or elsewhere;
  • consider the white tablecloth as a unifying symbol of inner strength and dignity
  • spend time together around the table in conversation, sharing your memories and impressions of 4 May 1990, talk about the meaning of gaining liberty, and honour the most significant events and personalities from your neighbourhood;
  • recognise and honour our ancient traditions, tangible and intangible, including our culinary traditions, discovering new ways to affirm our common values;
  • document the celebration by making your own photo-, audio- and video-stories, and by addressing the media so we can preserve testimonials to the 4 May of our time and of 4 May 1990; share your stories on social media using the hashtags #LV100 #briviba

Take pride in the celebration! Register your White Tablecloth Day celebration site on our digital map, which was developed in collaboration with the event platform Kurp.es: kurpes.lv/baltagaldautasvetki 

After the celebration please send your photos, videos and stories (through file exchange sites) to Please turn on Javascript to see email address! and please let us know how many people attended.

Contact: The Latvian Ministry of Culture’s Office Latvia 100: Please turn on Javascript to see email address! , +371 67330320

Created and done by: Office Latvia 100

For information regarding event accessibility for people with disabilities contact the event organiser.




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