Major Projects of Centenary

National Encylopaedia

We are so used to looking everything up in Wikipedia. Yet sometimes something gets lost in translation. And for those who do not have foreign languages, Wikipedia is useless. On her birthday, Latvia deserves its national encyclopedia where everyone could find out about the important things in Latvian. And, in their spare time, also about the not so important ones. 

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Latvian Films for Latvia's Centenary

Just like we laugh at our silly haircuts and hilarious pants in old photo albums, one day we will look at these films which will inevitably bear the date of their making. A hundred years is a grand anniversary and we deserve to have documentaries and feature films, short ones and full-length ones. We will make sure that for decades after the Centenary it will be remembered as the golden age of Latvian cinema.  

Latvian Films for Latvia's Centenary


Latvian School Bag

This school bag will contain a variety of professional art and cultural events experience which we will be a present to our children and young people. It will help them learn without cramming – through songs that they can sing along with and through movies they have only seen in their dreams. This bag will not weigh them down – it will be a small parcel to easily take along wherever they go. 

National initiative „Latvian School Bag”


XXVI Latvian Nationwide Song and XVI Dance Celebration

Never mind the title – the Song and Dance Celebration is a festive occasion even for those who do not sing or dance. And those who cannot sing a note can contribute to this grand event by organizing, arranging or informing! All the while humming under their breath, of course.                         


A National Costume for Everyone

Is the national costume only right for a brawny ploughman on a traditional farm? Of course not! It is right for young and old. Skinny and fat. An IT specialist, a cameraman and a shepherd. In the Latgale countryside, on the streets of Riga and on the plane to London. "A National Costume for Everyone" will prove that traditional Latvian clothing will look good on any lady or gent. On any chick and dude.              



TUESI.LV creates stories about young people in various places of Latvia. Their example and work inspires for better Latvia.  We believe that young people are great resource for our country. The aim of TUESI.LV is to create 100 stories of inspiration about young people in Latvian regions until Latvia’s 100th birthday in 2018.




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