Creative workshop for youth MY MOTHER IS A ROCK

Creative workshop for youth by Kate McIntosh and Arantxa Martinez will introduce to the ideation process in contemporary art, placing special emphasis on relationship between people and objects, as well as questions about the future.

Nordic and Baltic Youth Symphony Orchestra concert “Orkester Norden ’17 celebrates Finland”

This year Orkester Norden celebrates the 100th anniversary of Finland with an impressive line of concerts in Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland by the name Orkester Norden ’17 celebrates Finland.

More than 40% of the total budget of Latvia’s Centenary assigned to the „Latvian School Bag”

The initiative „Latvian School Bag” is the biggest gift of Latvia to its more than 200 000 pupils. Starting September 2018, it will integrate exploration and experiencing of natural and cultural values, scientific achievements and successful business models into the school programmes and make it accessible to every schoolchild in Latvia.

The May 4th White Tablecloth Celebrations

On May 4, Latvia's Independence Restoration Day, Latvians across the world are invited to participate in the White Tablecloth Celebration to commemorate what was a new beginning for Latvia in 1990 as the country adopted a declaration to restore its independence from the Soviet Union.

XV Latvian Song Festival in Canada

The XV Latvian Song Festival in Canada will take place in Toronto from July 4-7, 2019, in celebration of Latvia’s centenary.

XIV Latvian Song and Dance Festival in Baltimore

The 2017 Latvian Song and Dance Festival of America will take place in Baltimore, Maryland, returning to the East Coast for the first time since 1978. In the spirit of the festival’s theme, “On the Road to Latvia’s Centennial,” we invite you to celebrate the history of Latvian-American song and dance, ensuring a meaningful future for these traditions.




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