Photo exhibition “Agriculture in Latvia has been, is and will be!”

The main idea of the photo exhibition is to encourage public debate – how our parents and grandparents have lived and worked in the Latvian countryside and what we need to do today to ensure that the Latvian rural areas are populated and economically active in the future.

Exposition “Audible Universe”

RIXC artists are experimenting with radio signals on Earth and Space, expanding science borders. RIXC art works reveal myths and facts about Skrunda signal and follows evolution of Latvian radio astronomy from restoration of Latvian independency and RT 32 to Latvian first satelite – Venta 1.

The first centenary film to be premiered in August

The National Film Centre’s program “Latvian Films for Latvian Centenary” has announced the premiere of its first film.

Celebration of historical pipe organs

The goal of the Festival of Historic Pipe Organs is to mainstream and draw attention to the Latvian historic pipe organs. Within the framework of the festival both the Latvian residents and foreign guests will have an opportunity to travel around all the Latvian regions, enjoy historic instruments.

Digital Freedom Festival

Our vision is to develop DFF as a ‘Technology Davos’ where we look for solutions to world problems. Our plans include the targeted development of DFF so that in 2018, for Latvia’s centenary, Riga would be one of the most influential technology and startup meeting places in the world.

Opening day of the Latvian Centenary Celebrations

On May 4th, opening day of the Latvian Centenary Celebrations, the power of the human spirit and the strength in our hands will come together for Embrace Latvia, a unique campaign to plant oak trees around the Latvian border.




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